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Facts about the Auckland Real Estate Market in 2016

An interesting article made it to the news recently, playing on the well known Big Mac index that The Economist has been publishing for years.

The Big Mac index measures different countries’ currencies and their buying power, by comparing how much a Big Mac is priced on each specific country and converting that to USD. If a Big Mac is overly priced in a country, it is said that this country has an over valued currency. Conversely, a very cheap Big Mac would indicate the country’s currency is under valued.

So what did the good folks at did? They measured how many Big Macs you need to buy a median house in Auckland, compared to a few different cities. And the results? Well…

Apparently you need fewer Big Macs to buy houses in Melbourne, Sydney and even New York…(!) Although it’s not clarified we will have to assume they are talking about some areas of the state of New York and not NYC or Manhattan. Still, the comparison, specially against our Trans Tasmania neighbours, is suggesting.

Are Auckland house prices seriously overpriced? This analysis would seem to suggest so, but this is an analysis that we have been hearing for years and yet the market has only headed one direction consistently and that was up despite the momentary repercussions of the global financial crisis in 2008.

The bottom line is that despite the market fluctuations, people need houses to live in and renting may not always be the best solution. We can’t put our lives on hold waiting for the market to do one thing or another.

Something to think about, in 2013 this piece of news was telling us that the median house price  in Auckland was $555,000. We all thought it was crazy, and now in the middle of 2016 we are arguing whether it is reasonable to hit $1M. What are we going to be arguing in 2018?

You need to buy or sell when you need to buy or sell. Make sure you have the right partner to increase your chances of meeting your objective.

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